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GesundheitsVerein ... The mission of the our non-profit health "organization" is to collect the best information to improve health worldwide.

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GesundheitsVerein Hosts GesundheitsMesse Breitenau 2012

"GesundheitsVerein", the newly established "non-profit health association" located in Breitenau, district of Neunkirchen, Austria, is organizing a Health Symposium in the Steinfeld Center

Gesundheitsmesse Breitenau 2012
Breitenau, Austria Date: October 6, 2012
Time: 10:00AM to 6:00PM

The theme of the Symposium will be "prevention is better than treatment", complementary to conventional medicine."


*Prof.Erwin Böhm - Soul lifting instead of Face Lifting!
*Dr. Michael Ehrenberger - Characteristics of Life
*Helmuth Matzner - Our Return to Health
*Markus Stütz - Are You Fit & Powerful or Flabby, Sick and Acidic (sour) ... How the Water we Drink Impacts our Lives
*Johann Schweifer - Health Begins in the Mind
*Claudia Nemecek - Sports and Nutrition - My experience in Extreme Sports with Natural Food
*Markus Bierbaumer - Yoga
*Roland Kührer - Urkost and Urmethodik.  The 4 pillars of Urmethodik: Body, Mental, Physical and Soul.

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